Rye Multiseed
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Rye Multiseed

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Our multi-seed rye is a delicious, high-hydration 100% dark rye loaf. Flax and pumpkin seeds provide flavour and texture. Leavened with sourdough, this bread has great shelf-life and the flavours develop over time. We love ours thinly sliced with smoked fish and cured meats.

⭐ Great Taste Awards, 2022

🏆 Scottish Bread Championship 2022, Gold
🏆 Scottish Bread Championship 2021, Silver
🏆 Scottish Bread Championship 2019, Gold

Ingredients: Rye, Sea Salt, Seeds (Flax and Pumpkin)

Sold as a weekly subscription or as a one-off purchase to add to your main weekly loaf. The minimum subscription period is 4 weeks; you can cancel after 4 deliveries. Alternatively, you can skip a delivery or change the interval period via our Customer Portal. To qualify for free delivery, a minimum order amount of £4 per week applies.

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