A shared love of real bread brought five friends together in 2017.

Milling flour & baking bread in Edinburgh
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Our Story

Our goal was very simple—to make excellent tasting, nutritious sourdough using traditional techniques with the best ingredients in the most sustainable way possible. We also wanted to make a company that was straightforward to deal with, folk you could rely on to bring the quality; day in, day out.

From your morning toast to your lunch-time sandwich, whether heralding the arrival of a feast or staving off late night peckishness, bread has a place at all meals, at all times, across all cultures. It mops, it accompanies, it carries, and it holds—good bread nourishes us. It facilitates conviviality, it accompanies us on picnics, it is a quick and satisfying snack on a lazy day.

At Company Bakery, we focus on sourdough—that is bread leavened with wild and natural yeast (the starter or mother), and fermented slowly to allow lots of great flavour and texture to develop and for nutrients from the wheat to become more easily available to our bodies to digest. We set out to make the best product we could. In an effort to control the whole process, we mill a diverse number of organic wheat varieties in-house using our Austrian stone mill.

Company Bakery started as a wholesale business, supplying the best bars, restaurants and cafes in the city with bread as well as some fantastic speciality food stores and packaging-free grocers. We now also offer a home delivery subscription service, bringing fresh sourdough direct to your door, just like the old fashioned milk run. You can also buy bread directly from our bakery on Saturday and Sunday mornings, from 9am to 12pm.


We start the process with the very best ingredients for taste, texture and nutrition. We treat our diverse grains kindly throughout the whole process.


Our skilled bakers use time-honoured techniques to make slowly fermented sourdough, ensuring our bread consistently adheres to our quality standards.


Our bread means nothing if we can't get it to you. We pride ourselves on our reliable, efficient deliveries and friendly customer service. We're here to help.

Our Grain and Our Mill

We mill a considerable volume of our own flour in-house, using our Austrian-built stone mill. Our pursuit of milling stems from our continual strive to make the best bread we possibly can. Freshly milled flour smells incredible and still contains all of its nutritional content, unlike old flour (the stuff found at the end of a long distribution chain to supermarkets loses its nutritional value, fast).

We source all of our grain from Scotland The Bread — a community first society of which we are a shareholder. Scotland The Bread is a collaborative venture to grow better grain for nourishment, sustainability and food sovereignty. The wheat and rye sourced from Scotland The Bread are organically grown on the Balkaskie Estate in the Kingdom of Fife. These genetically diverse populations are grown using regenerative farming methods to improve the flour's nutritional content and flavour, while safeguarding our most precious resources — the soil and environment.

Social Responsibility

We are continuously looking at ways to reduce waste and minimise our impact on the environment. We work with UK-based suppliers for our ingredients so this keeps our food miles down. Thanks to the generous support of Zero Waste Scotland, we've invested in energy efficient equipment to keep our fuel consumption to a minimum.

Any leftover loaves (as well as money generously donated by our customers) is given to Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts to support the incredible work they do in providing meals to those in need.

Bread, delivered.