150g Speciality Coffee - Weekly Subscription
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150g Speciality Coffee - Weekly Subscription

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Roasted in Edinburgh by Machina, the coffee is from the Uribe Community part of the wonderful ASMUCAFE Cooperative. It's an amazing quality regional lot of the Castillo and Colombia varietals from a women's collective in El Tambo, Cacau in Colombia.

A hugely important coffee for a number of reasons. Firstly, it has proved to be a fantastic example of the diversity and complexity of one of the most interesting origins out there. Secondly, it represents how good coffee can be from regional lots as opposed to single estate coffees. And thirdly, it's a product from a women's coop, supporting a community of people who really benefit from a positive supply chain.

It represents the more intense, full bodied coffees coming out of the south west of the country. They are known for being vibrant, citric and tangy profiles.

As an espresso roast, expect a full bodied cup with a milk chocolate like body supported by a red apple crisp, honey sweetness and muted citric acidity.